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SPECIFICATIONSBrand Name: UBilliPower Source: USB ChargerMaterial: RESINOrigin: Mainland ChinaManufacturing Process: Hand MadeCertification: FCCCertification: CEFunction: Skin TighteningFunction: Skin RejuvenationFunction: Skin MouistureFunction: Anti-acneFunction: Blemish RemovalFunction: Anti WrinkleFunction: WhiteningNumber of Pieces: COMBOCommodity Quality Certification: celed mask light therapy: Near infraredred light therapy: led mask for faceskin care: Light therapyHealth & beauty: Skin care...
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type4 Face Neck 480
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Brand Name: UBilli

Power Source: USB Charger

Material: RESIN

Origin: Mainland China

Manufacturing Process: Hand Made

Certification: FCC

Certification: CE

Function: Skin Tightening

Function: Skin Rejuvenation

Function: Skin Mouisture

Function: Anti-acne

Function: Blemish Removal

Function: Anti Wrinkle

Function: Whitening

Number of Pieces: COMBO

Commodity Quality Certification: ce

led mask light therapy: Near infrared

red light therapy: led mask for face

skin care: Light therapy

Health & beauty: Skin care machine

Choice: yes

1.【Upgrade 1】480 lamp beads. High quality light beads, fully covering every inch of the face and neck, with optimal energy and effect.(Face and neck contain 240 lamp beads each)

2.【Upgrade 2】360° Full Face Coverage. After many field studies and tests, ensure that the light reaches the hairline, the back of the cheeks, the nose, the upper lip, and the soft silicone fits perfectly on the face.

3.【Multiple spectrum, deep penetration】Different wavelength LED light layer repair, from the inside out to improve the skin.It can fight acne and clear skin, and shrink pores to improve dullness

4.【Comfortable to Wear】Light weight & strong strap triangular structure, easy to wear, 0 burden, will not fall even if you walk around. Solve the trouble of wearing hard cased masks too painful.

5.【portable】Spa anytime, anywhere. Easy to carry, plug in the power bank can be used, travel can also enjoy light therapy. Computers and socket can also supply power.

More intimate design

① Shade eye mask
Soft and skin-friendly, prevent light leakage, protect your eyes, you can play with your phone while spa.

② Also fit for Sensitive skin
High-quality lamp beads & harmless silicone material, suitable for all skin types.

③ Not picky face shape
Wider and larger mask area & elastic straps, free adjustment, not picky face type.

28 Days of Accelerated Repair for Your Skin

Food grade soft silicone Nonirritating and anti allergic

1:Oily skin -28.89%
2:Skin glow +57.72%
3:Skin elasticity +14.7%
4:Skin water content +56.97%

Reduced wrinkles with continued use

【Red light(630nm)+near-infrared light(850nm)】

1. It can enhance the activity of mitochondrial peroxidase in the tissue, thus changing the cell structure and promoting the generation of elastin and collagen

2. accelerate the local blood circulation of the skin so that the local inflammation and edema subside and promote the healing of the wound

3.at the same time, red light irradiation skin can also strengthen the body's immune functionimprove the body's microcirculation

Smooths skin with continued use

【Yellow light(590nm)+near-infrared light(850nm)】

1.Yellow light can promote the healing process of wounds and accelerate the generation and repair of new skin cell

2.Yellow light illumination also has the effect of improving skin color, which can reduce melanin deposition and make skin color more even

3.Yellow light illumination can stimulate collager production, helping to firm the skin and reduce the appearance of fine line

Continuous use, anti-inflammatory and anti-acne

【Blue light(460nm)+near-infrared light(850nm)】

1.Blue light irradiation can provide a suitable environment for new cells while sterilizing the skin, and it can lighten theskin without damaging it, as well as make it more elastic

2.Suppressing local sebaceous gland secretion in the skin it can also have a soothing effect on facial acne as well as reducing hyperpigmentation

3.blue light on the skin can play a role in sterilizing and disinfecting

High density lamp beads

Wide contact area per unit time, simultaneousillumination ofthe entire face, and denser beam of light

240 light beads
70 beams
46 MW square meter energy density

Why choose this product?

【Advantage of our lamp beads】:
each lamp bead is equipped withan independent chip, highbrightness, color gamutconcentration, low thermalresistance, low light decay, andmore efficient effect on the skin

【Other light beads】:
Three colors of light emitting diodes are encapsulated on the lamp bead, and the color mixing of the chip light is controlled by the different currents fed into the chip. Low impact on skin, cheap, risk of short circuit

Three-speed light intensity adjustment+five-speed timing

The required light exposure can be adjusted according to your skin problems allowing your skin to quickly and effectively further improvement!

5 time adjustment levels( 10/15/20/25/30min ) can help you more accurate control of the beauty time.

Multifunctional controller Largescreen display for easy operation

2 USB ports for simultaneous manipulation of the face and neck

①.Power on button:Press and hold for 1-2sto enter the on/off state
②.infrared:Turn on/off IR light, can beused with any light
③.E key:energy adjustment, shortpress to adjust the conversion,3 levels of energy output mode
④.M key:Light source conversion,4 light source modes
⑤.T+:Press the T+ button to increase the lighting time
⑥.T-:Press the T- button todecrease the light tim

Ergonomically designed to fityour face perfectly

Carry it with you and beautify your skin anytime!

Special designed hood, no need to close your eyes when usingyou can watch TV, work, read at the same time, etc.

Operation process

Step1:Remove makeup clean face,and wipe dry

Step2:Connect the facial mask instrument with the bandage and the controller,and put the facial maskinstrument on the face

Step3:Long press the power button to turn on the device.select the mode time.and start enjoying phototherapy

Step4:After that, the device will automatically turn off, remove the masking device for subsequent skin treatments and wipe off the silicone part of the device

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Led Mask Face Red Light Therapy 480 Lamp Beads Silicone Material 4Colors Adjustment Face Luminotherapy For Neck Beauty Skindion
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